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Storebrand entrusts Strise to drive automation of AML operations


Oslo, 2th of July - Anti-Money Laundering (AML) automation company Strise (www.strise.ai) today announces a substantial partnership with the Nordic financial group Storebrand (www.storebrand.no/en). Storebrand, founded in 1767, is joining forces with Strise - recently named in Fast Company’s 2024 Most Innovative Companies list - to strategically integrate AML automation solutions across its portfolio of about 55,000 business customers and 2,2 million retail customers in all business areas, including insurance, pension funds, banking, and asset management.

The partnership will enable Storebrand to enhance its AML processes with Strise’s integrated AML Automation Cloud. By addressing traditional AML challenges such as data management and workflow inefficiencies, Storebrand will reduce workload and improve efficiency, allowing analysts to focus on critical decision-making.

Storebrand entrusts Strise to drive automation of AML operations

This milestone deal comes as Strise has shifted its strategy over the past 18 months, favouring more automation and exposing the data layer in its AML Automation Cloud through API solutions, which are continuously updated with comprehensive customer and regulatory data. Using an advanced graph model and AI, Strise’s AML Automation Cloud seamlessly consolidates and stitches together disparate data into a unified model, reducing the burden of managing extensive datasets while enhancing data accuracy, workflows and reliability.

Strise CEO and co-founder, Marit Rødevand, says: “Securing a deal with an international financial service provider like Storebrand represents a monumental achievement for Strise as we are working toward becoming the global leader in AML solutions. It is a testament to the incredible efforts of our team. Storebrand’s commitment to sustainable practices aligns perfectly with our company vision of eradicating financial crime through technology, and we are delighted to partner with such a storied institution.” 

Storebrands Group AML, Ine Solberg says: “Storebrand has an important role in the society with a broad set of financial services. Our business is based on trust from customers and other stakeholders. We are excited to partner with Strise, a step that will significantly enhance and automate our Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes. We acknowledge the importance of these processes in streamlining our daily operations and staying at the forefront of adopting smart, cutting-edge technologies. Strise’s innovative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence resonate perfectly with our strategic objectives of combating economic crime. ”

In a report by PwC on EMEA AML, 38% of EMEA respondents highlighted AML compliance pressures as the largest challenge facing financial institutions. Within this same group, a third of respondents noted data management, quality, and automation of manual processes as the most significant practical challenges. As a result, half of the asset managers surveyed were looking to allocate more than 10% of their budget to digital tools, like Strise, by 2026.

Moreover, according to PwC, Nordic financial institutions are the most interested (94%) in implementing AI into AML operations. Within this context, Storebrand recognises Strise as a key emerging player in the AML compliance industry. Strise’s innovative, robust, and high-quality approach is fit for the future of compliance, with its tailored services and quick onboarding marking an added bonus for global financial institutions.

As a partner to 70% of the Nordic region’s top-tier banks and providing AML automation to Storebrand, Norway’s largest asset manager, Strise is on track to becoming the global leader in AML solutions. After announcing its Atomico-led $10.8mn Series A funding round in September 2023, Strise has grown to nearly 50 employees. The company has significantly expanded its data model, providing insights on over 1 billion international entities and 11 million private individuals. 



Storebrand is a Nordic financial group, delivering increased security and financial wellness for people and companies. We offer sustainable solutions and encourage our customers to make good economic decisions for the future. Our purpose is clear: we create a brighter future. Storebrand has about 55,000 corporate customers, 2.2 million individual customers and manages NOK 1,281 billion. The Group is headquartered at Lysaker outside of Oslo, Norway. Storebrand (STB) is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange. Visit us on www.storebrand.no/en


Strise leads the AML automation revolution, transforming compliance teams into essential assets for organisations. Our commitment to automation, cutting-edge AI, and user-centred design drives this shift. At the core of our innovation is the AML Automation Cloud, powering comprehensive solutions for KYC and KYB, sanctions and politically exposed screening, ongoing due diligence, and automated onboarding of retail and corporate clients. Strise stands out in the AML landscape by offering a solution that addresses both the AML data and workflow problems for financial services in one solution.

By using Strise, AML and compliance teams are soaring to new heights, operating at super-speeds and becoming unprecedentedly efficient. With our approach, users have reported a significant 90% reduction in time spent on due diligence, from days to minutes, and a 30% reduction in cost. For more information: www.strise.ai

Media contact: Lars Lunde Birkeland, CMO, lars@strise.ai

Sanctions result: Managers, this one's for you!

Wendy Herbert

Sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is more 🤔

The more feedback we gather from Strise users, the clearer it becomes that the ability to customise the data Strise fetches for its users remains one of the biggest reasons compliance teams choose Strise.

Team managers, with the latest update, you can now set the criteria for the sanctions that Strise matches. This means that instead of just casting out a wide net to see what Strise collects, you can tailor matches based on your company's specific risk policy. Simply put, it's giving you control over the parameters of sanctions flagged, rather than Strise making that default decision for you.

In Sanctions settings, you can adjust the percentages and experiment with the data results you see. Once you've selected the percentage you're happy with, the change will be reflected at the team level.

Data and workflows working together effectively — that's the Strise effect you can expect.

Mini demo: Ownership

Wendy Herbert

The future is not AI. Okay, that was said for effect. But really it isn't. The future is AI in the hands of very smart people. While many of us might know that, it's still a common assumption we're working out of the AI zeitgeist.

At Strise, we aim to build tech that finds the perfect symbiosis between technology and human ingenuity. And if our customers feel empowered in their day-to-day jobs, that's where we know we've won.

You might have noticed two updates already this year about Strise's ownership feature, so why another one? While Strise's ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) maps are a hallmark of what makes our product so unique, they've needed constant improvement to land at the place we are now. With confidence we've eradicated the frustrations and pain points of working with ownership charts for our customers. They now have full access to unprecedented data but they have full autonomy to add, edit, delete or comment on that data. One update is automatically changed for the team, making workflows super, super simple and efficient.

This is definitely something that is better experienced by yourself so we've put together a 2-minute all-access demo that runs through all of Strise's ownership features.

👉 Try the ownership demo and enjoy!

New: Enhanced editing capabilities

Wendy Herbert

Yes, yes, we realise it wasn't that long ago when we released our edit company ownership feature. And while most of Europe took a summer break, our team worked hard on significantly enhancing the editing capabilities of our UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) maps.

Now, you can add comments when editing a company's owner. The comments will appear both in your Strise Review and the PDF report.

Solving even the tiniest pain point is top priority to us at Strise. We aim to listen closely to our customers and gather intel on how they're using Strise and what could be improved. Our product and tech teams then collaborate to find smart solutions to ease every step of the AML process. Tedious, manual AML processes are a thing of the past. We're delivering an AML intelligent system that is intuitive and effective.

We have a lot more to share about what we've been up to, watch this space.

Company ownership: Edit away!

Wendy Herbert

Ain't nobody got time for outdated data 🥱

We've all heard some breaking news and reached for our phones to search Wikipedia for more about the person in question. It's expected that even if the news is minutes old, the entry will be updated. In fact, every two seconds someone is updating a Wikipedia page.

Ownership is pretty important at Strise. Our UBO maps are our signature feature for a reason. That's why it's imperative that our users should be able to amend and edit the ownership structures of a company the minute they get new information.

Strise's latest feature, Edit Ownership, does just that. Now you can make reliable and efficient edits to ownership information and have a centralised location for updating data; streamlining the process of ownership. Quick and accurate data management is key to making sound business decisions, especially with no loss to your workflow. Nice!

Automation: Less work, more Strise!

Wendy Herbert

Strise Reviews have always onboarded new customers in a fraction of the speed it used to take. With a few clicks, you could fetch the PEP, Sanction and credit score of a company. But in the age of automation, that's 3 steps too many. With Strise's advanced data model, we knew we could do better 💯

Strise Reviews are now even more efficient! When you start a Strise Review, a pre-populated checklist is immediately filled with all the data you need to onboard and review a new customer. You simply get more information in less time. Not only is it just super fast and efficient, it gives you a complete picture of the customer you're reviewing. Automating these checks gives you more information than you might need but in turn, gives you a new standard for onboarding customers.

Add Strise's product update page to your RSS to keep up with the new ways we're automating the KYC process.

PEP & Sanctions Matching: Fewer false positives

Wendy Herbert

Fewer false positives? Yes 🥳

Some of Strise's best features don't always make it to the top of an update page. But we want to let you now two reasons why a Strise search yields fewer false positives than any other search.

One of the latest Strise's latest update now extends filters for PEPs by full date of birth (if available), reducing the number of false positives when name and birth years identical. By leveraging full date of birth information, the Strise system can more accurately identify politically exposed people and prevent regulatory compliance issues.

We've also improved how we match subsets with regards to names. Many users received false positives when a the full names of potentially sanctioned people differed from list to list. This often happened if an individual's initial or middle name was, or wasn't, included in a sanction list. Strise takes care of those sneaky changes by being intelligent enough to know when initials or middle names are omitted.

UI: New Settings modal

Wendy Herbert

There's been a bit of spring cleaning behind the scenes in the Strise system 🧼

You might've already noticed it but we're excited to announce that Settings has had a refresh.

Now taking up less space, the new Settings modal has been streamlined to provide you with an even more intuitive user experience. You'll find all of the same Settings options as before, only now, they're even easier to navigate and understand. Whatever tweaking you need to do to your account, the upgraded Settings modal makes it a lot easier to do.

Enjoy the new look and feel! Get in touch if there's anything else we can do to make your Strise experience even better.

Tech: Metadata in just one hover

Wendy Herbert

Quick access to accurate information is crucial to making business decisions. Strise's latest update gives you more detailed information about why a company or person has been sanctioned 🔎

The data has always been available but now, we've just made it even more convenient by displaying the metadata as a hover view. Simply hover your cursor over the sanction alerts and you'll have immediate access to the detailed information you need, eliminating the need for tedious manual searching or sifting through endless pages.

The new feature is designed explicitly with our users' needs in mind, providing a user-friendly way to access detailed information quickly without compromising our platform's reliability and accuracy. Our goal is to make the process of accessing detailed sanction information as simple and efficient as possible, enabling you to focus on tasks that matter.

Sanctions can be complex, and Strise has been designed to simplify the entire process. We know that the more access you have to information, in the quickest way, will inform the decisions you make. In the end, those informed decisions put a stop to money laundering and fincrime attempts.

Goodbye, cost centre.
Hello, AML automation

We're entering a new era where AML and compliance teams battle financial crime with top efficiency and accuracy. Financial crime units evolve from an expense to a vital enabler for the organisation. AI powers this remarkable transformation, and it's happening now!

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