AML data and workflow problems, solved

Strise gathers and connects disparate data, boosting efficiency and eliminates the need for multiple data vendor agreements.

Pre-linked data
to any system
Get pre-linked and continuous risk insights in an analyst-ready format delivered via Strise or API solutions
No more manual
data juggling
Strise automates data merging and cleansing, enhancing analyst efficiency by significantly reducing manual tasks
70%+ faster
Strise helps you meet demanding AML compliance project deadlines with a ready-to-deploy solution

Solve the top 2 issues in your AML operations

The AML process, particularly the KYC and KYB procedures, typically involves three critical steps: gathering, assessing, and documenting information about customers.

There are two major problems in this process that Strise's AML Automation Cloud tackles head-on with advanced graph models and AI.


Data problems

Crucial customer data is often scattered, disconnected, and outdated, complicating data management for AML teams. Adding new data sources without a unified model and resolution only worsens these issues.

Strise's AML Automation Cloud solves this by consolidating and linking data, enhancing analysts' efficiency, reducing error rates, and eliminating the need for agreements with multiple data vendors.

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Workflow problems

AML analysts must dedicate substantial time triangulating data. This labour-intensive process not only increases the likelihood of human errors but also involves manual operations that contribute to substantial personnel costs.

Strise solves this by delivering pre-linked data through an easy-to-use SaaS solution. Additionally, offering further automation possibilities via API, resulting in a robust, efficient, and tailored compliance program for our customers.

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Now, let’s see what this looks like inside Strise

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With the AML Automation Cloud managing data consolidation and resolution, insights are seamlessly presented in a user-friendly interface within Strise.

Frequently asked questions
How does Strise ensure resource efficiency?

Strise minimizes the need for dedicated personnel such as data engineers and QA specialists by providing a unified data input instead of multiple sources. This maximizes efficiency and reduces the necessity for specialized staff.

Can Strise’s AML Automation Cloud integrate with existing systems?

Yes, our API facilitates direct integration with existing systems, providing refined Strise insights without the burden of managing extensive datasets. This integration maximizes the benefits while simplifying data management.

How does Strise handle data security and privacy?

Strise adheres to stringent security and compliance standards to protect your data. The system ensures that all data is managed securely and in compliance with relevant regulations. Visit our Security trust centre for more.

What is the Time-to-Value benefit of using Strise’s AML Automation Cloud?

By leveraging a ready-to-deploy solution and robust API, Strise customers can swiftly integrate and automate their AML processes, saving valuable time. This allows them to meet regulatory deadlines and focus on strategic initiatives with fewer resources required for integration.

What kind of support does Strise offer for implementation?

Strise provides comprehensive training and support during the short implementation process, ensuring smooth adoption and operation of the AML Automation Cloud. This support helps your team get up to speed quickly and effectively.

How does Strise reduce risk and enhance project predictability?

When you connect to the AML Automation Cloud, you gain access to a proven track record of success, both in the functionality of the AMLAutomation Cloud itself and in the execution of implementation projects. We adhere to industry standards, ensuring reliability and consistency, thereby reducing risk and enhancing project predictability.

Goodbye, cost centre.
Hello, AML automation

We're entering a new era where AML and compliance teams battle financial crime with top efficiency and accuracy. Financial crime units evolve from an expense to a vital enabler for the organisation. AI powers this remarkable transformation, and it's happening now!

Mike Connors
Chief Sales Officer