Stay ahead of change
with an AI powered organization.

Our vision

“Strise is signaling a new era of enterprise software.”

Marit Rødevand explains why AI will help businesses – Stay ahead of the change.

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Strise makes the world's information useful across your organization.

Strise is signaling a new era of enterprise software and organizational change, transforming how companies work and empowering individual growth through knowledge.

We believe in the AI-enabled financial institution without data silos where users and data are working together to solve even the most complex business problems.

One platform
for all your work processes.

The World's information
We are taking the world’s information making it useful across the enterprise.

Vår AI personaliserer innholdet så hver enkelt får hjelpen de trenger i arbeidet med komplekse datadrevne prosesser.
Credit Risk
Predict risk across the entire portfolio with a future proof model.
Anti-Money Laundering
Save time and increase precision in the fight against financial crime.
Sales Prospecting
Reach out to the right customers at the right time.
Ready for your next question
With a future proof data model, Strise is ready to adapt to your needs.
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Understand the risk
of your portfolio in
light of recent
market events.

Strise is a simple way to understand how a sudden change in market conditions affects your day-to-day operations. See how your portfolio is exposed to the impact of Covid-19 and learn how you can stay ahead of change.

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See how Strise adapts to your needs

Strise detects future risk signals for you.

Keeping track of all customers is difficult for sales reps but even more so, across many portfolios. By using Strise to surface only the potential risk signals you will get an unparalleled overview.

Strise does the groundwork for complex work processes.

AML is incredibly complex. It's all about combining data from different sources to see hidden patterns. This requires a new data model and a user-friendly interface which Strise delivers.

Strise learns from you so you always stay ahead.

Through a simple interface our AI helps gather all available information about companies and the people behind it so you can always stay up to date.