Customer management.

Strise is a cloud-based AI software that helps you stay customer centric Connected insights for a smarter B2B workflow

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right customers

Equip yourself with look-alike customers

Qualify prospects in minutes, or even seconds

Close revenue with real-time insights

“Strise lets Monner Crowd find potential customers in segments that are otherwise challenging to reach.”
Marius Dybdahl
Chief Commercial Officer
Reduce risk

See the whole picture

Find everything you need in one place

Discover risks hidden in complex ownerships

Go from reactive to proactive with continuous monitoring

“We more than halve the search time in our KYC work with the companies applying for capital.”
Amalie Holt
Stay in control

Align and automate

Break data silos with a single source of truth

Collaborate across departments

Automate the simple, but time-consuming tasks

“We get more information about customers and industries gathered in one place, which ultimately makes us a better bank for our customers.”
Ida Marie Christensen
Head of Growth and Impact
Danske Bank

A world of connected insights

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Case Study

Sparebank1 SMN accelerates its onboarding process by saving up to 75% of their time using Strise

One of the reasons why SPB1 SMN chose Strise was to further improve their onboarding process of new customers

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Life at Strise

Values are over-hyped and under-used in most companies. Here’s how we get it right.

Customer stories

Monner Crowd unites their lead generation and screening process with Strise

Customer stories

Kameo chooses Strise to provide a platform for growth.