Frequently Asked Questions

Is Strise GDPR and Schrems2 compliant?

Yes. As a Strise customer all data is stored in the EU/EEA.

Where do we get our data?

Strise places best-in-class company data for the Nordics right at your fingertips. We combine market-leading financial and company info with continuously updated legal data, public registers, PEP & sanction lists, media search, and more.

See our support pages for more information about our sources. Reach out to us if you have any additional questions about our data or processing.

Do you provide transaction monitoring services?

No, we focus on external data and meta data, the most important parts for providing insights about companies in the due dilligence and monitoring process.

Can I monitor or check an individual?

Yes, if they have a role in a company you can also get insights about an individual, other roles, relations, pep/sanctions etc.

Are you a B2B or B2C service?

We provide KYC/AML services for screening and monitoring of companies, so Strise is mainly a B2B service.

Do you provide identification services?

Identification and document collection is currently not part of our offering, but we appreciate you contacting us to discuss your requirements.

Do you have international data?

Strise supports the Nordic markets currently with full coverage of all companies. But we’re expanding into new markets all the time, so let us know if you have some specific regions you would like to stay informed about.

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