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The AML Automation Cloud

Strise is modular by design and ready for future challenges, offering turnkey solutions for immediate business value.


Strise Case

Onboarding and case handling, streamlined
Recommended for
  • Customer onboarding
  • Due Diligence (CDD / EDD)
  • Case handling
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Strise Control

Perpetual client monitoring, perfected
Everything in Strise Case, plus
  • Perpetual KYC / KYB
  • Ongoing Due Diligence (ODD)
  • Business-wide risk assesment
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Strise Automate

AML automations, out-of-the-box
Everything in Strise Control, plus
  • AML automation orchestration
  • Straight-through processing
  • Integrating insights with APls
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Data and processing
Pre-populated data sources
Strise collects data from various sources, saving your analysts time while ensuring access to reliable and triangulated data for smarter decision-making.
Registers and certifications
Strise's registry-first approach leverages local registries to provide your team with the most current and accurate company data and client information.
Credit data and financials
Global company dataset
Strise provides instant, comprehensive access to authoritatively sourced global ownership data, so analysts can easily eliminate information gaps.
Onboarding and case handling
KYC reviews of individuals
KYB reviews of businesses
Sanction screening and settings
Strise empowers team managers to define the criteria for sanctions matching, granting unparalleled control. Tailor matches to align with your unique risk policy.
PEP screening
Adverse Media Screening (AMS)
UBO and ownership analysis
Global company screening
Discover the full scope of your customer's global network quickly. Strise empowers you to screen and manage unknown entities and owners 'hidden' in your customer's network.
Counterparty screening
Screen parties that your clients engage with and elevate cross-border investigations into illicit financial activity with comprehensive beneficial ownership information.
Collaboration and documentation
Automated logs and documentation
Case collaboration (Dual Control)
Entity and ownership editing
Manually update and edit company information and ownership structures to maintain accuracy if data is outdated, maintaining a single source of truth throughout your enterprise.
Custom KYC / KYB templates
Set risk class
Risk assessment and reports
Al-powered risk assessment
AI-powered customer case summaries highlighting key risk factors, enabling informed decision-making with up-to-date insights.
Ongoing Due Diligence
Perpetual KYC / KYB
Business wide-risk assessment
Seize control with a comprehensive overview of your customer portfolio. Real-time risk updates and bulk reporting simplify AML operations.
Trigger-based periodic reviews
Automate case prioritisation
Risk alert resolutions
No-code monitoring setup
Build monitoring processes to detect client changes, categorise risks, and address issues in real-time, proactively tackling emerging threats—no programming required!
Custom AML automation
End-to-end customised processes
Easy creation and management of AML workflows from inception to completion, optimising operational efficiency and coherence.
Straight-through processing
Compliant client onboarding and account opening through an end-to-end process that streamlines and simplifies the process while reducing risk and the need for manual intervention.
APIs to pre-populate forms
APIs for data enrichment
Strise can enhance other internal applications and AML processes, such as transaction monitoring, by incorporating its connected insights via APIs, offering a wider risk perspective for enhanced decision-making.
Enhance your CLM/CRM with insights
Training and support
Dedicated API-tech support
Sandbox access
Strise Case
Strise Control
Strise Automate