Strise Control

Perpetual client monitoring, perfected

Say goodbye to manual, error-prone refresh processes and hello to efficient pKYB / pKYC, helping you avoid risks.

Strise helps you

Reduce the risk
of missing key changes
Strise monitors your portfolio and flags potential risks in customer status
Enhance customer
risk assessment
Optimize your risk monitoring through contextualized customer events
Improve processes
and productivity
Strise reduces data collection time, freeing analysts for risk assessment

Essential checks at the right time

Changes in customers' risk status are automatically flagged in real time. As a result, your team can focus on the right customer with the accurate context at the exact time they need to. Enhance your team's efficiency with timely, context-driven customer insights!
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Your rules, automated checks

Use our easy no-code setup to create rules about what sorts of customer data changes should trigger extra KYC and KYB checks, manual intervention, or even a complete customer review. Strise simplifies compliance, saving you time and complexity!
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360° portfolio risk view

Seize control with a comprehensive overview of your customer portfolio. Real-time risk updates and bulk reporting simplify AML operations, while advanced tools optimize case handling. Stay informed and stay ahead!
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Success stories
How Sparebank 1 SMN utilise Strise to get a complete customer portfolio risk overview
How Sparebanken Vest saves a considerable amount of time per customer onboarding
How BN Bank reduces false positives by 30% and speeds up onboarding by 70%

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Frequently asked questions
How can Strise be integrated?

Strise can be integrated through its SaaS platform and APIs, facilitating seamless interaction with its data layer for various AML processes.

What makes Strise unique?

For a regulated company to effectively tackle AML, it is essential to address two critical aspects: the 'data problem' and the 'workflow problem.'

Strise is unique in addressing both in a single system. It offers an end-to-end AML Automation Cloud that addresses both the data and workflow problems, and by doing so, Strise contributes to a more streamlined, effective, and error-free AML process for regulated companies.

The 'data problem' involves collecting and validating real-time customer data during the different AML stages and reducing the number of false positives. Many competitors offer this data but fail at providing an excellent workflow that brings together this data. This gap often forces regulated companies to rely on different systems from several providers, complicating the KYC/KYB and AML processes and making them error-prone.

On the other hand, the 'workflow problem' relates to automating and optimising the task flow for front-line workers in regulated companies. While some competitors tackle this workflow and accompanying case management, they often fail to address real-time data collection issues efficiently.

The results of our unique approach speak for themselves. Strise customers report 90% faster customer due diligence and software cost reductions of up to 30%, reflecting the efficiency and ease of the Strise system.

It's evident that solving the data problem greatly optimises workflow and vice versa.

What is the role of Entity Resolution in pKYC/pKYB?

Strise's entity resolution capabilities are crucial. It resolves whether multiple data records are referencing the same real-world entity. This helps our customers create a single, unique entity by connecting disparate data points from various sources.

What is the role of Graph Models in pKYC/pKYB?

Our advanced graph models help Strise map real-world relationships between people, businesses, locations, and other important factors. By understanding these connections, Strise creates a dynamic, evolving picture that continuously updates with the most crucial information. This gives you a comprehensive view, allowing you to make more informed and effective decisions when assessing customer risk or verifying customers.

How does pKYC/pKYB differ from periodic customer reviews?

In a pKYC/pKYB model, key events and changes about customers are continuously monitored across various sources, creating real-time digital customer profiles. This event-driven approach is more efficient and risk-effective compared to periodic customer reviews that are outdated from the moment they're finalized.

What is pKYC/pKYB?

Perpetual Know Your Customer/Business (pKYC/pKYB) refers to continuous monitoring of an individual or business to assess their risk profile. Unlike traditional KYC/KYB processes, pKYC/pKYB is an event-driven approach that uses intelligent data-driven insights and automation for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Can you perform PEP checks in Strise?

Yes, Strise automatically puts PEP checks into a workflow, driving higher levels of compliance with more data on who to check while simplifying a manual process with potential for human error.

PEPs are just one of many regulatory required sources that Strise organises into your customer portfolio, giving the most holistic view across all required information at all times.

Does Strise have UBOs and Individuals with Significant Control (ISC) data?

Yes, Strise gives an instant and complete overview of owners and the risks associated with each person and their network provides a revolutionary understanding compared to single company and people searches.

Strise automatically calculates ownership and voting power even in complex structures to list all UBOs and alternative UBOs.

Does Strise provide insights for sales and retention?

Yes, Strise automatically serves relevant sales opportunities to you - based on your portfolio and preferences - from the first login, saving significant research time. Sales triggers and insights are automatically connected to companies to guide your next commercial move.

Deep financial filters help you pinpoint your exact target market, showing prospects based on specific financial metrics or financial instruments that you can out-compete.

Does Strise have credit, financial & collateral data?

Yes, with Strise all teams have access to updated credit scores, collateral, payment remarks, and key financials at any given time, creating one source of truth for everyone.

Can you do Adverse Media Screening (AMS) in Strise?

Yes, Strise has the industry's most comprehensive Adverse Media Screening. With real-time information from 250.000+  sources, Strise allows you to control and prioritize what's most important to see about your customers at any time.

Can Strise be used to review both companies and private individuals?

Strise solves both use cases. KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business)

Does Strise offer counterparty screening?

Strise allows your team to add entities and override a company’s ownership structures based on new information from your customer.

This way, your team can easily manage entities that are one or more steps removed from your customers and could be dangerous from a risk and sanctions perspective.

Does Strise have sanction data?

Yes, we incorporate sanctions data directly from the U.S. Consolidated Screening List (OFAC, BIS, State) and UK, EU, and UN sanctions lists.

We have further enriched this data to map the ownership and control relationships so you can comply with OFAC’s 50% rule.

Goodbye, cost centre.
Hello, AML automation

We're entering a new era where AML and compliance teams battle financial crime with top efficiency and accuracy. Financial crime units evolve from an expense to a vital enabler for the organisation. AI powers this remarkable transformation, and it's happening now!

Mike Connors
Chief Sales Officer