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Tech: Metadata in just one hover

Wendy Herbert
May 31, 2023

Quick access to accurate information is crucial to making business decisions. Strise's latest update gives you more detailed information about why a company or person has been sanctioned 🔎

The data has always been available but now, we've just made it even more convenient by displaying the metadata as a hover view. Simply hover your cursor over the sanction alerts and you'll have immediate access to the detailed information you need, eliminating the need for tedious manual searching or sifting through endless pages.

The new feature is designed explicitly with our users' needs in mind, providing a user-friendly way to access detailed information quickly without compromising our platform's reliability and accuracy. Our goal is to make the process of accessing detailed sanction information as simple and efficient as possible, enabling you to focus on tasks that matter.

Sanctions can be complex, and Strise has been designed to simplify the entire process. We know that the more access you have to information, in the quickest way, will inform the decisions you make. In the end, those informed decisions put a stop to money laundering and fincrime attempts.

Goodbye, cost centre.
Hello, AML automation

We're entering a new era where AML and compliance teams battle financial crime with top efficiency and accuracy. Financial crime units evolve from an expense to a vital enabler for the organisation. AI powers this remarkable transformation, and it's happening now!

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