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Company ownership: Edit away!

Wendy Herbert
June 8, 2023

Ain't nobody got time for outdated data 🥱

We've all heard some breaking news and reached for our phones to search Wikipedia for more about the person in question. It's expected that even if the news is minutes old, the entry will be updated. In fact, every two seconds someone is updating a Wikipedia page.

Ownership is pretty important at Strise. Our UBO maps are our signature feature for a reason. That's why it's imperative that our users should be able to amend and edit the ownership structures of a company the minute they get new information.

Strise's latest feature, Edit Ownership, does just that. Now you can make reliable and efficient edits to ownership information and have a centralised location for updating data; streamlining the process of ownership. Quick and accurate data management is key to making sound business decisions, especially with no loss to your workflow. Nice!

Goodbye, cost centre.
Hello, AML automation

We're entering a new era where AML and compliance teams battle financial crime with top efficiency and accuracy. Financial crime units evolve from an expense to a vital enabler for the organisation. AI powers this remarkable transformation, and it's happening now!

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