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Sanctions result: Managers, this one's for you!

Wendy Herbert
November 3, 2023

Sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is more 🤔

The more feedback we gather from Strise users, the clearer it becomes that the ability to customise the data Strise fetches for its users remains one of the biggest reasons compliance teams choose Strise.

Team managers, with the latest update, you can now set the criteria for the sanctions that Strise matches. This means that instead of just casting out a wide net to see what Strise collects, you can tailor matches based on your company's specific risk policy. Simply put, it's giving you control over the parameters of sanctions flagged, rather than Strise making that default decision for you.

In Sanctions settings, you can adjust the percentages and experiment with the data results you see. Once you've selected the percentage you're happy with, the change will be reflected at the team level.

Data and workflows working together effectively — that's the Strise effect you can expect.

Goodbye, cost centre.
Hello, AML automation

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