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Automation: Less work, more Strise!

Wendy Herbert
June 7, 2023

Strise Reviews have always onboarded new customers in a fraction of the speed it used to take. With a few clicks, you could fetch the PEP, Sanction and credit score of a company. But in the age of automation, that's 3 steps too many. With Strise's advanced data model, we knew we could do better 💯

Strise Reviews are now even more efficient! When you start a Strise Review, a pre-populated checklist is immediately filled with all the data you need to onboard and review a new customer. You simply get more information in less time. Not only is it just super fast and efficient, it gives you a complete picture of the customer you're reviewing. Automating these checks gives you more information than you might need but in turn, gives you a new standard for onboarding customers.

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Goodbye, cost centre.
Hello, AML automation

We're entering a new era where AML and compliance teams battle financial crime with top efficiency and accuracy. Financial crime units evolve from an expense to a vital enabler for the organisation. AI powers this remarkable transformation, and it's happening now!

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