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AML, supercharged

Up to 90% faster
due diligence with Strise
Customers report cutting due diligence time from 1 hour to 10 minutes
Cut costs by 30%
in software spend alone
Customers report going from 4+ providers to having it all in Strise
30%+ reduction
in false positives
Strise clients cut false positive rates with enhanced customer risk insights

Start your new AML journey

Faster onboarding and
audit-proof reports

Get the full picture of your customers, reduce client outreach, and speed up onboarding while replacing multiple searches.

Strise automatically collects all the insights your team needs and documents everything into a finished and audit-proof report.
Strise saves us a considerable amount of time per customer onboarding.
Ragnhild Georgsen, Head of AML & Sanctions, Sparebanken Vest

Mitigate customers' hidden network risks

Strise unveils hidden risks in your customer network by utilising advanced AI and graph models.

Intricate connections and risky patterns are revealed and highlighted by connecting relationships across millions of entities.
With Strise, we enhance our TM and detect suspicious transactions before they even happen.
Endre Jo Reite, Director of Personal Markets at BN Bank

Stay compliant with perpetual monitoring

Strise simplifies ongoing customer due diligence (pKYC/pKYB) by automatically monitoring essential changes in customer profiles.

It assesses the risk level of each case, swiftly addresses low-risk situations, and concentrates on high-risk scenarios for a more thorough examination.
With Strise we get a single source of truth and better information about our customers, which makes us a better bank.
Ida Marie Christensen, Head of Growth and Impact, Danske Bank

#1 choice for leading banks & fintechs

Secure, auditable, and explainable

Strise offers a secure, SOC 2 certified environment, featuring auditable AI models and rules. We ensure data protection, GDPR compliance, and safe user experiences.
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