Adverse media & events screening (AMS)

Don't miss out on key customer events with adverse media screening (AMS)

Monitoring customers for media and adverse events are spread across multiple software, internet searches, and data integrations.

Missing key events on customers and their networks open the door for criminal activity within your portfolio.

Traditional services focus on news media, leaving material changes to credit, legal and financial statuses out of the spotlight when they should be investigated.  

No more surprises. Strise connects information with automation

Strise monitors for changes in ownership, adverse media, credit score, and other external information all day, every day.

With real-time information from 200.000+  sources, Strise gives you the ability to control and prioritize what’s most important to see about your customers at any time.

Get alerted immediately to important information with notifications. Never miss an important event again.

Ida Marie Christensen
Head of Growth and Impact
Danske Bank

With Strise we get a single source of truth and better information about out customers, which makes us a better bank.

Ida Marie Christensen
Head of Growth and Impact
Danske Bank

Always in your workflow

Strise incorporates monitoring of customers into a perpetual process, reducing operational inefficiencies and enabling a risk-based approach to AML.

Notifications become a meaningful workflow trigger, ensuring you are checking the right customers at the exact time you need to.

In short, it’s an AI assistant working 24/7 to streamline your processes and always stay up to date with your customers.

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