Complete your customer data and remove the onboarding backlog

Customer screening for KYC requires significant data collection from different sources to ensure regulations are met.

Collecting and consolidating this information across systems is inefficient and time-consuming, creating multiple versions and inconsistencies.

Real-world events create the need to review and update customer information, leaving you with a constant cycle of checking and updating information without a single source of truth to refer to.

With Strise you get smart checklists that drive higher compliance levels

Prepopulated templates and checklists automatically collect all the intelligence needed to onboard any business.

Saving you up to 80% of your time spent per customer onboarding.

Regulatory required checks like PEPs and Sanctions, UBO’s and more are automated, using network analysis to expand from covering the minimum to checking all potential people of interest within a business for higher compliance.

Documentation is created with a click of a button when a customer checklist is completed, making reporting fast and accurate.

Industry codes, risk signals, and more are included as standard to aid a risk-based approach.

Inna Romanenko
Anti-Money Laundering Specialist
Norwegian Block Exchange

We chose Strise to prevent KYC backlogs and lengthy customer onboarding processes

Inna Romanenko
Anti-Money Laundering Specialist
Norwegian Block Exchange

Close the compliance gap with perpetual KYC

With complete, accurate customer information across your portfolio, Strise is able to monitor for changes in customer status to notify you when to screen the customer again—creating a continuous KYC process supported with the required reporting.

As regulation is always evolving, Strise provides customization capabilities to checklists, ensuring you can pinpoint the exact information you need to collect in a standard process.

Risk signals and media events are included to develop a 360-degree view of the customer for both required regulatory data and crucial insight into their business.  

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