Efficient KYC backlog management and faster customer onboarding

KYC and Customer Due Diligence requires significant data collection from different sources to ensure regulations are met.

Collecting and consolidating this information across systems is inefficient and time-consuming, creating multiple versions and inconsistencies.

With Strise Review you reduce KYC onboarding times and operational costs, improve client experience and remain compliant.

Give your business a competitive advantage with compliance out-of-the-box

Pre-populated templates and checklists automatically collect all the intelligence needed to onboard any customer.

Saving you up to 80% of your time spent per customer onboarding.

Regulatory required checks like PEPs and Sanctions, UBO’s and more are automated, using network analysis to expand from covering the minimum to checking all potential people of interest for higher compliance.

Documentation is created with a click of a button when a KYC check is done, making reporting fast and accurate.

Industry codes, risk signals, and more are included as standard to aid a risk-based approach.

Inna Romanenko
Anti-Money Laundering Specialist
Norwegian Block Exchange

We chose Strise to prevent KYC backlogs and lengthy customer onboarding processes

Inna Romanenko
Anti-Money Laundering Specialist
Norwegian Block Exchange

Operationalise regulatory changes at 100x the speed with Strise's no-code setup

As regulation constantly evolves, Strise provides customization capabilities to the intelligent KYC checklists, ensuring you can pinpoint the exact information your team needs to collect in their KYC processes.

Orchestrate and update workflows based on your organization's risk policy and when regulations change.

Strise helps you adapt to current and future regulations.

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