Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

Get a 360° view of any business in one place, fast

Searching and piecing together information from multiple sources is time consuming.

Manual and repetitive information gathering is inefficient, tedious work.

Your team wastes time putting the pieces together. Only to end up with a narrow customer view which is treated as an individual entity, not the connected network business truly are.

One search in Strise replaces multiple searches in fragmented sources

Strise gives a holistic and complete customer risk profile with continuously updated information that reflects real-world changes.

UBOs, bankruptcies, financials, PEP’s and sanctions, watchlists, credit, adverse media, historical roles on owners, registers and much more.

When you fully understand your customers inside-out you will discover new opportunities, uncover hidden risks, and accelerate information-gathering for onboarding processes.

Ida Marie Christensen
Head of Growth and Impact
Danske Bank

With Strise we get a single source of truth and better information about our customers, which makes us a better bank

Ida Marie Christensen
Head of Growth and Impact
Danske Bank

Connected insight across 200.000+ sources

With Strise you don’t just look at the individual company or person.

You will see the entire network through connected insights and visual flags on important risk signals for a true risk-based approach.

Connected to 200,000+ sources, Strise delivers real-time updates on companies as soon as material changes occur.

Strise company intelligence fuels key insights that help you reduce risk in all business processes.

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