API & Workflow automation

Continuous monitoring of important customer events through APIs

APIs are expensive to develop, implement and maintain when working with external data at scale.

Automated tasks are flawed by low data quality, creating loops of bad data being moved into new areas of the business that has to be updated constantly.

Without a platform to give context to information delivered by APIs, teams still need to spend time hunting for additional information to support their next decision.  

We've got your external customer insights covered

Strise focuses on delivering only critical action triggers through the API. Users can quickly be notified of changes that need their attention with a fast transfer into the Strise platform to understand the new requirements with context.

By keeping key customer information inside the platform, Strise constantly updates for real-world changes, which means that alerts from the API are always up to date and provide meaningful information.

Change customer statuses in your CRM, deliver finished onboarding documentation to external systems or automate important signals.

Strise API and Automation are built for enterprise customers across all teams.

John Retzius
VP Business Banking
Sparebank 1 Østlandet

We save a lot of time per customer onboarding and have increased the quality significantly with Strise

John Retzius
VP Business Banking
Sparebank 1 Østlandet

Gather all of your teams around one source of truth

Working with micro and macro automations, Strise keeps your portfolio constantly updated on the small things whilst automatting the big time consuming tasks like KYC documetation in seconds.

Your team can quickly move from finding your next best customer, to creating a regulatory compliant onboarding document with just a few clicks. No more google searching or copy and pasting into PDFs.

The best bit? We’re just getting started. Customers can see new API features being delivered each quarter to keep removing manual work with data.

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