Our vision

AI as an enabler of organizational change

And it starts with making the world's abundant information useful throughout the entire organization.
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We simplify the everyday lives
of all employees.

By making the world's information useful across the enterprise we are breaking data silos and growing knowledge throughout the organization.

We live in a world of information that is in constant change.

Our IT systems however don’t adapt to the speed that is happening right now. Today’s systems are too difficult to change and they hold us back from creating new innovation and value in our work processes.

Whenever you want to change the way you work or extract data in a new way to solve critical business problems, data is stuck in silos and old legacy systems.

This turn into a customization-project for even the simplest things. Creating tremendous costs for companies around the world and becoming the number one reason why over 80% of all big data projects fail.

Strise Artificial Intelligence

We believe in AI as an enabler of organizational change.

We envision a world where there are no data silos, where users and data work hand in hand to solve data-driven problems within credit risk, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and the next big problem as the market conditions change.

Driving organizational change is complex, especially through multiple management layers and layers of IT projects in large enterprises. To inspire change on a fundamental level the way we need to face the business problems of tomorrow, we need  systems able to adapt with future needs and compound data into value across the organization.

the organization. Empowering
the individual.

Strise is signaling a new era of enterprise software. Transforming how companies work and empowering individual growth with better knowledge sharing.
We believe in the AI-enabled organization, without data silos, where users and data work together to solve business-critical problems.

Strise is leading the way in how companies will utilize data in their work processes.

In taking the world’s information and analyzing it with human accuracy, filtering out noise and seeing hidden connections at a large scale Strise lets you leave data-silos and work processes limited by the software behind.

Instead we welcome an era of AI powered organizations that empower people with new knowledge and business critical information. This is a big change, and Strise is leading the way.