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Monner Crowd unites their lead generation and screening process with Strise

Monner Crowd is a digital platform that makes it easier for you to fulfill even more real estate projects. To this day their platform has helped invest over 350 million NOK spread throughout 200 different campaigns, and this with 31 000+ investments. Their mission is to contribute to a world where everyone can easily engage in value creation.

Monner Crowd were struggling to effectively find new customers in different markets. As a result, they couldn't enable scaling of sales efforts even more. They needed a way to automatically find relevant prospects for their sales and inbound team to target.

"Strise lets Monner Crowd find potential loan customers in segments that are otherwise challenging to reach. This ensures that we get the opportunity to help even more companies"

Marius Dybdahl, Chief Commercial Officer, Monner

Monner Crowd tested Strise for 14 days before partnering up. They fully tested the entire platform and tracked results by using the AI lead generator that seamlessly built up a list of relevant sales opportunities. Alongside the prospecting feature, the background checks on companies were put to the test, surfacing new and relevant insights. The result is that Monner Crowd now runs several processes from one single platform – ensuring great collaboration for both sales and compliance.

The functionality of Strise makes the screening process in Monner Crowd simpler and more time-efficient. We now quickly and easily find important information that can be crucial for us when assessing loan cases

Mia Lundgreen (Sales Manager)