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Funding Partner choose Strise to support better customer control and decision making.

Using the Strise Platform, FundingPartner are able to analyse large amounts of data related to their customers. External data such as risk signals, news, ownership structures and official announcements are automatically linked to their account base to support important decisions before making loans. This enables end users to make fast, informed decisions on which projects they should pursue and which companies show signs of risk that don’t fit the Funding Partner investor’s expected quality of opportunity.

We provide loans from companies all over Norway, and it’s difficult for us to have controll over everything that happens to them. With Strise’s platform, we have an even better opportunity to follow the companies we work with

Geir Atle Bore, CEO. FundingPartner

Strise is an AI powered decision support platform, something which greatly contributed to being chosen. The Machine Learning capabilities to understand what end users need to see today and in the future brings a lot of potential to solve workflow based challenges that ‘customisation’ of software across companies cannot.

How they use AI to train the system to what is relevant or not is very exciting, says Bore

Strise CEO Marit Rødevand is excited that two Norwegian startups are entering into such an important partnership. ‘The Strise platform continues to evolve and help customers with their most difficult use cases - we are extremely proud to solve Funding Partner’s current challenges and look forward to supporting their next difficult questions’.