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Reimagine your sales team's potential in 24 hours

By automating prospecting and connecting opportunities to actionable insights and processes, Strise is the future of Customer Management.

Strise Product Shot

Your AI powered sales platform.
Save time prospecting. Increase closed revenue.

Find 34% more opportunities with the future of prospecting

Strise automatically surfaces lookalike prospects and uses AI and Machine Learning to suggest your next best customer.

Strise connects potential opportunities to
contact information and sales triggers to get more connections.

Stop losing winnable deals

Uncover the sales triggers your team need’s for fast, effective pipeline building and deal closing. Before your competitors find them.

Strise knows your sales ‘sweet spot’ and helps finds your next one. Never miss an opportunity. Or worse, lose it to another vendor.

You’re wasting time.
Take back 20% of your day

Sales people spend 34% of their day prospecting and entering data. Automate your prospecting and let Strise take care of the insights and updating.

Manage prospects not data inputs

Simple collaboration features to own, assign and set status’ to customers that are built to increase productivity, not information entry.

Save time moving between complicated tools and searches by making Strise the home for customer management.

Imagination becomes reality.
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This is magic.
Strise found 137 qualified opportunities for me in one week.  
All within my target market.
Christopher Schrøder, Head of sales, Factoring Finans

Best in class company data for the Nordics

Stop searching and start selling with Strise.
Connected and always updated based on real-world changes.

What makes Strise unique is the technology – what makes Strise great is how easy it is to use

Strises knowledge graph connects companies, persons and network with the worlds external data – bringing continously updated company data.

Sales Triggers
Contact info
News and events

And tons more of smart intelligence from a multitude of sources connected into one single source of truth. Strise aligns and to optimizes workflows, increases output and betters quality throughtout every step of the customer journey.