PEPs & Sanctions

PEPs & sanction insights in a 360° customer view, always

PEPs and Sanctions lists delivered in batches create a heavy load operationally.

And having to cross-check customers with lists manually is time-consuming.

Moreover, this won't be sufficient to uncover hidden risks in company ownership structures.

Simplify and quickly operationalise your PEPs and sanctions processes

Material changes in customer statuses will be alerted as soon as they happen. Creating significant time savings every day!

New regulations can be quickly operationalised with Strise, knowing which companies and people to prioritise investigating through detailed ownership and people mapping.

Strise moves away from batch lookups on PEPs and sanctions – and instead continuously notifies and records changes as they happen.

It reduces false positives and provides important contextual information that makes it easy to take action.

Ida Marie Christensen
Head of Growth and Impact
Danske Bank

With Strise we get a single source of truth and better information about our customers, which makes us a better bank

Ida Marie Christensen
Head of Growth and Impact
Danske Bank

Makes PEPs and sanction checking part of your workflow

Strise automatically puts PEPs and Sanctions checking into a workflow, driving higher levels of compliance with more data on who to check while simplifying a manual process with potential for human error.

PEPs and sanctions are just one of many regulatory required sources that Strise organises into your customer portfolio, giving the most holistic view across all required information at all times.

This information can be shared quickly across all your teams through powerful collaboration features, giving one source of truth to work with as soon as it's available.

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