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The smartest onboarding and KYCsolution for any company in the Nordics

Save up to 80% onboarding new customers. Replace multiple searches with Strise.
Assemble everything you need to know about customers and counterparties with just a few clicks.
Gather your risk team around a single source of truth. Effectively quality assure efforts made to reduce risk.
Due dilligence
Navigate enriched data on persons and network. The AI reduces false positives and removes noise.
Katrine Reitan
Head of Direct Banking
Sparebank1 SMN
Strise saves us 75% of the time spent onboarding new customers
Katrine Reitan
Head of Direct Banking
Sparebank1 SMN

A better way of managing risk

Find everything you need to know about a company in seconds

One search in Strise replaces multiple searches to bring you all the information you need in one place.

Reduce time and effort spent on screening and onboarding customers with a data-driven process.

  • PEPs and Sanctions
  • Registers
  • Company financials
  • Certifications
  • Adverse media
  • Creditscore
  • Beneficial owners
  • Historical roles
  • Ownership structure
  • Bankruptcies

Intelligent data for better KYC

Strise automatically calculates ownership to find UBOs and indirect relations across complex structures.

Then calculates voting power to save time and reduce the risk of missing key persons in a company.

Continuous monitoring

Strise uses real-time updates to run perpetual due diligence and flags important changes.

Get notified when theres any important changes, like a new UBO, a trade with a company from a blacklisted country, or a change in the companies creditscore.

Smart review and reporting

Use Strises review function to create a risk assessment in the same system as you find the information.

Strise automatically creates a report with all the company data and your audit-trail, that your team can use anywhere. Saving hours of manual work.

Main benefits

Easier collaboration.
Even across departments.

Tag and assign companies to align KYC and AML with compliance and your revenue team to work smarter on reducing risk, together.

Better times checkups with continuous monitoring.

Strises connects companies and persons with 200.000k+ sources to bring you important real-time updates for a proactive approach.

Save up to 80% of the time spent onboarding new customers

Find the information you are looking for way faster with a single search in Strise. Replace multiple tabs and searches to welcome a better workflow.

Less manual work. Automated audit-trails and reporting.

Spend time on the next cases, not reporting on the ones you have already finished. Smart automation and intelligent data means a more time looking forward.
Amalie Holt
Using Strise we now spend 50% less time on our KYC-work and see increased quality.
Amalie Holt

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