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Step into the new era of
managing risk

Strise brings everything you need to onboard and monitor any business, fast

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The smartest onboarding and KYC
solution for any company in the Nordics


Save 75% onboarding new customers by replacing multiple searches with Strise.


Assemble everything you need to know about your customers and counterparties with just a few clicks.


Gather your risk team around a single source of thruth to effectivly quality assure efforts made to reduce risk.

Due Dilligence

Point-and-click navigation and enriched data on persons and network to reduce false positives and remove noise.

Strise saves us 75% of the time we spent onboarding new customers
Kathrine Reitan, Head of Direct Banking, Sparebank1 SMN

A better way of managing risk

Find everything you need to know about a company in seconds

A single lookup in Strise replaces multiple searches so you get connected and updated information about companies and persons in one place.

PEPs and Sanctions
Company financials
Adverse media
Ownership structure
Historical roles

Smart data and continuous monitoring

Strise calculates ownership to find UBOs and indirect relations alongside voting power in complex structures.

Utilize perpetual due diligence to get notified when theres any important changes – like a new ultimate beneficial owner or a change in the companies credit score.

Strise flags to classify and showcase important information about all your accounts in real-time.

Checklists and automated reporting

Strise comes pre-populated with everything you need to research and risk assess a company and once logged, Strise automatically generates the audit-trail needed for reporting.

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Main benefits

Save 75% of the time spent onboarding new customers

With a single search in Strise you replace multiple tabs and logins to find the information you are looking for way faster.

Better times checkups with continuous monitoring

Strises connects companies and
persons with thousands of sources to bring you real-time updates.

Easier collaboration.
Even across departments

Tag and assign companies with risk
status to align know your customer and anti money laundring with compliance and sales in one system across teams and departments.

Automated audit-trails and reporting

Spend time on the next cases, not reporting on the ones you have already finished. With smart automation and checklists your risk team will spend time where they should.

Using Strise we now spend 50% less time on our KYC-work, and see increased quality
Amalie Holt, CCO, Folkeinvest