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Operational ESG in your customer and supplier processes

Reputations matter, and businesses that onboard customers with poor ESG behaviour run the risk of being harmed as a result.

Organizations may find that the reputational damage from being associated with a company that is adversely impacting society is far more severe than the cost of paying a fine to a regulator.

Therefore, embedding ESG risk monitoring into your KYC procedures is essential to building a more comprehensive customer risk assessment strategy.

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Enrich your KYC to help reach emission goals, and gain insights on your customer’s ethical standards

Strise enriches both your KYC and ESG processes to help reach emission goals and insights on the company's and supplier's ethical standards.

You can set up screening and monitoring, including emission footprint and insights on inclusion, adverse media history, and more, to provide both qualitative and quantitative insights on your customer portfolio, suppliers, and potential new customers.

Joakim Blix Prestmo
Analysis Department Leader
BN Bank

With Strise we can follow up on our customers' ESG profile. It assures us that our sustainability policy is followed

Joakim Blix Prestmo
Analysis Department Leader
BN Bank

ESG & AML combined

Set up screening for "all-male board members" and news related to discrimination or company purposes, including weapons trade or similar.

You get ESG and AML insights combined to bring the best of both worlds.

Strise provides a holistic overview when screening companies and a portfolio overview to focus on.

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