Credit, financial & collateral data

Instantly identify strong prospects and win market share from the competition

Credit data and payment remarks are typically held in separate solutions to your customer portfolio.

Changes to a company's credit score, collateral, or payment issues are crucial pieces of information that, if kept separate from your customer portfolio, are slow to act on.

This information also provides sales signals, which your teams calculate and prospect manually today, which is time-consuming and can never be fully up to date.

Move from checking to monitoring. Immediately

With the Strise monitoring function, the system always updates and notifies on changes to credit scores, so can you act immediately and avoid risks.

By connecting this data to the Strise prospecting engine, you can instantly identify a prospect relationship with your competitors by screening the company's collateral.

The Strise finance module allows you to compare cash flow with other companies and even insert *smart* formulas to quickly identify customers who need attention or prospects who could benefit from your service.

Christopher Schrøder
Head of Sales
Factoring Finans

This is magic. Strise found 137 qualified opportunities for me in one week. All within my target market

Christopher Schrøder
Head of Sales
Factoring Finans

Bring financials into your entire workflow

With Strise, all teams have access to updated credit scores, collateral, payment remarks, and key financials at any given time, creating one source of truth for everyone.

Connecting the credit and financial data into all parts of your customer portfolio creates compound value where kept sepearately previously would not have influenced key decisions.

Strise partners with best-in-class providers for financial data to ensure reliable and fast access to the information you use today in a connected and multi-purpose platform to truly understand your customers better and act fast when you need to.

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