By use case: Compliance

No more compliance headaches due to data fragmentation and poor processes

Fragmentation of customer data inputs has been a challenge across sectors for decades. Multiple origins and varying quality can create inefficiencies and risks.

Furthermore, when siloed teams collect, consolidate, and manually update this customer data across systems its inefficient and time-consuming, and it creates multiple versions and inconsistencies.

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Gather your team around a single source of truth

Strise gives your team a true 360° view of a customer in one platform that is always updated with real-world information and insight to help you choose the right action to take.

Using external data and 200.000 + information sources, your portfolio stays up to date without needing manual data entry by different departments.

Access is controlled through the Strise platform, with simple collaboration features such as tagging, assigning, and note-taking available between teams to keep the customer journey moving forwards and productivity at its highest.

Ida Marie Christensen
Head of Growth and Impact
Danske Bank

With Strise we get a single source of truth and better information about our customers, which makes us a better bank

Ida Marie Christensen
Head of Growth and Impact
Danske Bank

Connect teams, not just the dots

Whether it’s a new sales opportunity or a customer being onboarded, your team can quickly check this information for risk signals, required regulatory information, and more with just a couple of clicks.

Strise syncs people, teams, and companies without them needing to enter any additional data or ask the customer for any more than they need to.

The result - is better governance, standardization, and an end-to-end experience for your company and the customer.

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