Insights for growth and retention

Your current CRM isn’t going to power your growth

Sales teams spend 33% of their time looking for which companies they should try and win next.

Finding sales triggers and contact information is challenging, and CRMs are packed with low-quality, outdated information that doesn’t support an efficient sales process.

Traditional prospecting software lack the required regulatory information to acquire a customer as a financial institution and are focused on the broader B2B market.

Find your next best customer. As well as the risks

Strise automatically serves relevant sales opportunities to you - based on your portfolio and preferences - from the first login, saving significant research time.

Sales triggers and insights are automatically connected to companies to guide your next commercial move.

Deep financial filters help you pinpoint your exact target market, showing prospects based on specific financial metrics or financial instruments that you can out-compete.

Strise ensures you have the full picture by including risk signals as you prospect.

Resulting in a fast due diligence and qualification process to make sure you only spend time on companies you can actually onboard.

Christopher Schrøder
Head of Sales
Factoring Finans

This is magic. Strise found 137 qualified opportunities for me in one week. All within my target market

Christopher Schrøder
Head of Sales
Factoring Finans

Gather all of your teams around one source of truth

Strise connects your growth teams into the wider business, creating a simple flow from prospect to onboarded customer - with one source of truth on the information you use.

Strise works 24/7 on finding new opportunities - so your team can focus on their time on closing deals, not entering data.

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