Reimagine your sales and marketing potential with a data-driven approach.

What if you could get unlimited leads that fit your target market with no data entry?

Closing deals and increasing customer satisfaction means sourcing the right business and providing the right service at the right time.

Existing prospecting is time-consuming and researching clients is reactive and slow – leading to a lot of cold-calling, low hit-rates and a decrease in customer satisfaction.

Automatically surface lookalike prospects and never miss out on important signals.

Equipping customer-facing activities with an AI-driven knowledge graph enables a quality over quantity approach that limits cold-calling and improves customer satisfaction.

Upload your portfolio and let Strise surface actionable events on accounts and leverage account-based strategies to provide an infinite supply of lookalike prospects.

Actionable triggers

Real-time monitoring of 160k+ sources
that provides you with actionable events
on accounts and prospects.

Add new business

Get an endless number of prospects presented based on millions of data points on as little as
twenty companies in your portfolio.

Point-and-click exploration of company

Explore history and how they are
organized within the same view -
designed to optimize workflow.