Supercharge your AML, KYC and EDD processes

What if you could cross-reference each client with 160k+ sources in any given search?

Existing due diligence processes suffer from false positives, duplicated information and tons of noise when investigating clients, ownership and network -
meaning less time spent looking into the right cases.

AML is inherently complex and the lack of real-time monitoring of companies are hurting compliance efforts in between checkups.

Accelerate onboarding processes without compromising on quality.

Leveraging adverse media screening through our AI-driven knowledge graph lets you automatically cross-reference 160k+ data sources on every single case whilst minimizing noise and duplicated information.

Strise enables perpetual due diligence and its snappy interface lets users navigate overview into a deep understanding of ownership, history and network in seconds.

Enable perpetual
due diligence

Go from once-per-year to a continuous
KYC assessment with real-time
monitoring of client and network.

Adverse flags on company and persons

Easily spot risky clients with adverse flags on politically exposed person, sanction lists or
cases related to fraud on terror-financing.

The intel needed
when screening -
all in one place

Navigate ownership structure, shareholder and subsidiaries alongside ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) with point-and-click exploration