Welcome a new era of data management.

What if you could navigate internal and external data in the same platform?

Collecting, processing and effectively presenting data are problematic due to a lack of accessibility and streamlining possibilities within legacy systems that contains silo-based, fragmented and outdated data-models.

Companies pour new data into old systems that always needs
to be customized instead of integrating data into systems that automatically adopts to the changing needs.

Connect several data sources into compounded business value

An AI-driven knowledge graph provides a new type of data management thats always ready to add the next set of data needed to answer your future business-questions.

Our platform is as easy to navigate as it is powerful, providing users with a single source of knowledge that lets companies combine external and internal data into new valuable insights.

Compounded data

Break internal data-silos and join external data
into a single source of knowledge.

Distributed knowledge

Provide subject matter experts with the analytics they need, and the data scientists with the market insights they should have.

A dynamic data model

Add data sources and let Strise continuously update them according to external factors.