Oblinor cuts time spent on KYC and sales processes by 40% with Strise

Oblinor is a digital crowdlending platform for property-backed real estate loans, that makes it easy for lenders and borrowers to enter into agreements directly, safely, and flexibly. 

Through their platform, they’ve managed to lend out to 30 projects worth a total of 70 million NOK (2021). In exchange, they’ve given an average interest rate of 8,7% p.a.. 

Since Oblinor is registered as a loan intermediary with the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway – effective and compliant processes for due diligence and KYC are extremely important for their business. 

Oblinor CEO, Kristian Løkken, runs their KYC processes where their team must screen incoming projects for risk and look into the history of the people involved with the projects. This means looking into UBOs, Peps and Sanctions, credit data, adverse media, bankruptcy history and more.

As well as handling the risk, Kristian and his team are geared towards revenue growth, and the time spent on sales needs to be focused and of high quality to find and attract new projects to partner up with. 

All this work spent on KYC and sales meant long days and many hours spent researching and screening companies.

I would spend 5 hours daily on my KYC and sales routines in total, with Strise I’ve reduced it to 3 hours a day, and this with increased quality data

Kristian Løkken, CEO

With Strise, Oblinor moved into a more seamless workflow that lets Oblinor do sales and KYC on the same platform. This meant a more automated workflow with Strise, where Oblinor now gets an auto-generated list of curated prospects (That's Strises AI finds for them). 

Any risk signals and intel that would otherwise be time-consuming and hard to find is flagged and easy to dive deeper into using Strise 

In effect, this lets Kristian and his team focus on what's next and increase quality in their customer interactions and strategic work, instead of spending time manually searching for information in multiple tabs and going through endless lists of bad prospects – the Strise platform now finds this information for them and monitors their portfolio continuously – supercharging both sales and KYC at the same time. 

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