Folkeinvest see their KYC search time reduced by more than half by choosing Strise.

Marit Rødevand
October 30, 2020

Having initially shared an office space in the F3 Incubator at Sparebank SMN’s office, Folkeinvest and Strise have now entered a collaboration to solve challenges related to onboarding companies to the Folkeinvest platform as the company continues to grow.

Marit Rødevand, CEO in Strise & Amalie Holt, Customer Manager in Folkeinvest | Photo by: Andreas Turau
"We more than halve the search time in our KYC work with the companies applying for capital. We spend less time on each project, with increased quality when performing the research duty".

After a busy Autumn with a high influx of companies to Folkeinvest wanting to raise capital, they looked to technology for how to handle high volumes of applications in the most efficient way.

"Strise’s use of artificial intelligence helps to streamline a time-consuming and manual work process. How much time Strise will save us in both time and costs, time will tell, but it will obviously be able to represent a significant upside for us" continued Amalie Holt.

Strise continues to grow it’s presence in the financial sector and have focused towards supporting faster onboarding and analysis of companies where external data is critical for making decisions related to companies and networks.

"We have developed the platform a lot after the summer. Above all, the solution has become much more effective in helping companies to onboard new customers and weed out all bad player" says Marit Rødevand, general manager of Strise.