How it works

Strise uses AI and a little magic to create new value.

Using the world’s information doesn’t have to be difficult.
Strise is the one unified data platform that solves critical business problems.
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A unified platform that adapts to your companies needs

From data management and market intelligence to risk and sales related use cases. Strise can be used anywhere in your organization as the AI to personalizes content to your different needs.

Credit Risk
Predict risk across the entire portfolio with a future proof model.
Anti-Money Laundering
Save time and increase precision in the fight against financial crime
Sales and Prospecting
Reach out to the right customers at the right time.
Ready for your next question
With a future proof data model, Strise is ready to adapt to your needs.

Upload accounts and get started in seconds

Strise is built to automatically extract and present the information you need to make better decisions. Simply upload your accounts and Strise figures out the rest.

You know, because
our knowledge
graph knows

The world is complex and ambiguous - but this is what we have simplified with Strise and our self-learning knowledge graph. In real-time and in any language, Strise finds hidden relations for you and surfaces only what you need to know.

Each user's experience gets personalized

The platform is able to merge company confidential data with external data and learn from individual feedback.

This allows unique and actionable insights that are presented in a format optimized and personalized for each individual end-user.

Strise Artificial Intelligence