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Kameo chooses Strise to provide a platform for growth.

Kameo is a platform for crowdlending where individuals and companies can invest directly in loans to real estate projects and growth-companies. In turn, smaller sized companies and real-estate developers can run more projects and invest in the measures needed to grow.

Kameo administrates loans, sets up the documentation and contracts and runs risk analysis on all projects before they are put up on the platform.

To support growth goals via smart prospecting processes, Kameo partners up with Strise. With the suite of tools and intel offered in Strise, Kameo can both automate prospecting, monitor their portfolio for sales and risk-related events and run efficient background checks to help screen any new company or project for their investors.

Strise significantly reduces the amount of time our analysts spent on the initial screening of clients

Faraz Seyedi, Analyst, Kameo

With Strise, Kameos team will have access to important information about companies and network data covering important events such as bankruptcies, legal disputes and high decrease in no of employees. The news and sales data will also provide relevant events to be used as tools in contacting the right sales opportunity at the right time.

As the Strise platform continues to develop we look forward to supporting new use cases for the whole Financial Industry. The driving force of the crowdfunding industry in Norway is incredibly exciting, promoting innovation at the core of their businesses, which Kameo is a perfect example of.