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Sparebank1 SMN accelerates its onboarding process by saving 75% of their time using Strise
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Using Strise we now spend 50% less time on our KYC-work and see increased quality.
Amalie Holt, CCO, Folkeinvest
Monner Crowd unites their lead generation and screening process with Strise
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Kameo chooses Strise to provide a platform for growth.
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This is magic. Strise found 137 qualified opportunities for me in one week. All within my target market.
Christopher Schrøder, Head of Sales, Factoring Finans
Folkeinvest see their KYC search time reduced by more than half by choosing Strise.
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Funding Partner choose Strise to support better customer control and decision making.
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Strises’ AI automatically find me new and relevant prospects in segments that are otherwise hard to reach.
Marius Dybdahl, Chief Commercial Officer, Monner

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