Customer stories

Oblinor cuts time spent on KYC and sales processes by 40% with Strise

With Strise, Oblinor moved into a more seamless workflow that lets Oblinor do sales and KYC on the same platform

Sparebank1 SMN accelerates its onboarding process by saving up to 75% of their time using Strise

One of the reasons why SPB1 SMN chose Strise was to further improve their onboarding process of new customers

Monner Crowd unites their lead generation and screening process with Strise

One challenge for Monner Crowed being solved with Strise naturally resulted in new challenges being solved simultaneously.

Kameo chooses Strise to provide a platform for growth.

To support growth goals via smart prospecting processes, Kameo partners up with Strise.

Folkeinvest see their KYC search time reduced by more than half by choosing Strise.

Folkeinvest and Strise have now entered a collaboration to solve challenges related to onboarding.

Funding Partner choose Strise to support better customer control and decision making.

Using the Strise Platform, FundingPartner are able to analyse large amounts of data related to their customers.