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Scala Developer
Oslo, Norway
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Scala Developer

About Strise and our technology

Strise is a cloud-based software that connects insights about B2B customers. We help businesses onboard customers faster, identify risk earlier and boost their sales in a single platform, powered by AI. Check out what our customers are saying here.

Our customer base is growing rapidly. Just one year from commercializing the product Strise is now used in some of Scandinavia's biggest banks, most innovative scale ups and well known B2B Sales businesses.

From the beginning of 2021 we have already more than tripled revenue and are on course to scale aggressively in 2022 with additional venture funding, across all teams.

About The Role

At Strise, we believe that people can achieve amazing things given the right tools for the right problems — especially when guided by caring mentors and a work environment that values both personal and technological growth.

As a Software Engineer in Strise, you will therefore be given both trust, and responsibilities, from day one. Going out of your comfort zone to explore a new idea, testing a new library, or simply give a facelift to an old module, will all be part of your job.

In addition to this, you will also become an important part of our ambitious team of technical tinkerers, with the common goal of taking our product to the next level, both in terms of scale, performance and customer value.

Who are we looking for

Problem solvers who can make things happen with new customers whilst working with an established but ever evolving product and the challenges that can bring. If something sounds smart but uncomfortable to keep moving forward, you’re the first person to try it and learn how we can improve it next time.

Decision makers. "You are Strise - make decisions" is a core value we live by. People who can make autonomous decisions that will help keep Strise agile and growing without the red tape large corporates have.

Besides this we are looking for someone with competence in one or more of the following technologies:

  • Scala
  • GraphQL
  • Sangria
  • Apache Spark
  • Akka
  • Google Cloud Platform

If you want to learn more about our technology (and stack), check out our Medium or see what Google thought about it!

What Strise can offer you

We believe you should have ownership of the value you create, and we offer all our employees options agreements.

We have the best social committee in the business. Fact. Whether it’s company activities, after work catch ups or sports (Esports too!) you’re interested in, we’re focused on making Strise a great place to be and to keep hiring great people to work with.

It doesn't matter where you work, it's about what you do. We have offices in the middle of Oslo and in Trondheim for those important days to be physically with the team with the option to work from home when it suits you best.

Want to work with us? Send us an email at