About Strise

Strise is making the world’s information useful across the enterprise. Think of it as Google, but instead of making a search engine for people, it’s a platform for companies to support the work processes throughout the customer journey, coupled with the right customer data at the right time. 

To achieve this, Strise is built on a strong customer focused technology and product team and is backed by international VC investor’s whilst always focusing on being a great place to work. 

Strise’s strongest value proposition is the ability to provide one day time to value.The status quo in today’s world when buying software to support customer processes is long, over budget projects with data integrations and manual data input. Strise is leading the way in a new era of enterprise software. If you’re interested, read more about our vision here

We are currently experiencing strong growth both within the financial sector where we have customers such as Sparebank1 SMN, Folkeinvest and Fundingpartner and in new verticals where B2B sales is a top priority.

The Job

Joining early means being an important part of building the customer success team from the ground up as the voice of the Strise customer base. You will work with an ambitious team to own revenue and usage for existing customers, whilst documenting successes that can be replicated within other customer groups. The proactive plan you create for each customer will build predictable, growing revenue and usage for Strise as the foundation of the commercial business.

You are:

  • Someone who takes responsibility. Like to spearhead work processes instead of following what has been done before without looking to improve. 
  • Business oriented. You’re the type of person who spots upsell opportunities and engages people internally to collaboratively increase revenue, instead of being frustrated with a team approach to customers.

  • Comfortable owning renewal and upselling targets. Our pricing model is built with a lot of upsell and upside and this motivates you.
  • Flexible and adaptable. You get excited when new features ship every week and you are eager to tell users about how to best utilize them, instead of being annoyed about how fast the product changes.
  • Comfortable identifying, documenting and promoting new valuable use cases backed with data to enhance the Strise value proposition. You think of yourself as an extension of marketing with a consultant mindset. 
  • You make onboarding a clear and fun process for the customer, making their transition to Strise painless and quick to value.
  • The type of person who is informal and can easily build close customer relationships, whilst being able to challenge their existing ways of working. 
  • Experienced from a customer success or account management role with fast scaling software, both revenue and usage driven. Have a rich understanding of customer success methodologies and practices.

What the job will look like in 6 months

Working closely with the sales team and management you’ve established our processes for how to run customer success and are continuously improving this with the full support of the rest of the organization. You hold a close relationship to all customers and you’ve been able to grow the number of users for the accounts that have their renewals and we’ll be celebrating those that have renewed with an upside.

You participate in the weekly sales meeting, helping prioritize, provide ideas and feedback to the rest of the team on what you are seeing from analytics  and are hearing from the users you’ve talked to that week. The same goes for “The Loop”, an internal meeting, where sales gives tech&product feedback and help prioritize the roadmap and provide market insights.

You understand the Strise customer base inside out and have created a program to build on this success for the next months and years. You are the voice of the customer at Strise. 

The values we live by

You are Strise, make decisions: 

As a company in growth, our biggest competitive advantage is our ability to make decisions and act faster then established players. Which is why we value the ability to make decisions above everything else.

Smart but uncomfortable: 

We want you to grow and develop at Strise. If something seems smart but uncomfortable - do it and expand your comfort zone.

Advantage Strise

Things happen. Unexpected, negative and positive things happen. Instead of despairing we’re always trying to learn and make everything an advantage Strise.

These are not just values on a slide deck. These are values we discuss in the company’s weekly all-hands meeting and are the foundations of everything we do at Strise.  

What Strise can offer you:

Since you are giving us your most valuable resource, time, we want to make sure it’s worth your while. We give you the opportunity to play a big role in the growth of Norway’s most exciting AI company (our humble opinion, but Google also thinks Strise is pretty cool). 

Competitive base salary and bonus based on performance, the best pension agreement possible and  you’ll get ownership in the company. Team-oriented culture, where we collaborate and support each other. Fun and laughs in the office. On Friday’s there’s usually something social happening, but no pressure to attend - especially these days! We have nice offices in Karl Johan 21, but you can also work from home. 

Check out who you’ll be working with here.

If you get excited reading this, send us an email to jobs@strise.ai or call Mike, Head of Sales, who this role reports to at +47 91 90 32 73